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Buying Sony A7 In 2018 Or Keeping My Micro Four Thirds Camera?

If you have searched and clicked a link to this page you probably know about the still buy-able and affordable Sony A7 and you ask yourself if you should still buy it in 2018 or even make a switch away from Micro Four Thirds to full frame. To bring your problem to the point, is it still worth it to own or buy Micro Four Third equipment from Olympus or Panasonic when you can get a cheap full frame camera from Sony?

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Olympus OM-D E-M1 followed by E-M1X ?
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Replacement Of My Olympus E-M1? – New Released OM-D E-M1X

Update: The camera is released, it is certainly a very interesting release with a lot new introduced tech. But the price of 3.000 EUR is on the high side and we will see, if Olympus will sell it well. For me, no need to switch from my E-M1 but I am also not the targeted pro audience. Here I have a nice overview video of this cam.

In recent weeks, rumors were gathering that Olympus will release a new camera in January 2019, the Olympus OM-D E-M1X. According to we can already expect the following (continously updated):

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This Website Is IPv6 Ready

What has the picture of the dog to do with this post? Nothing but to get your attention. 🙂

I just updated my site to make it more future proof. It is now IPv6 ready. Why did I do that? First I like tinkering with my computer, because it is fun and you always learn something. But here is more exact explanation why this might also be useful for you, if you posses your own web server.

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This Site Is Now SSL Secured – Thank You

From today on this site is secured and certified via SSL. In the past it was difficult to get a certificate for your website that is accepted by your browser and you had to pay for it. is a new certificate authority, free and relatively easy to set up. It took me 1 hour (including research) to get the certificate for my domain and set up the Apache2 webserver and my site.

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