RAW conversion CPU benchmarks: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G vs. A8-3850 vs. A6-3650 vs. Intel Core i5-4460

Rawtherapee CPU基准测试:AMD Ryzen 3 2200G vs. A8-3850 vs. A6-3650 vs. Intel Core i5-4460

In 2017 AMD released its new line up of impressive Ryzen processors, which brought a breeze of fresh air into the CPU market. After many years AMD has again competitive processors that match or even outperform its Intel counterparts. CPU prices dropped and we see a revived competition between Intel and AMD. In early 2018 they released Ryzen APUs with integrated Vega graphics which for the first time is a really competent integrated graphics to play games in 1080p. For many casual gamer there won’t be any need to additionally buy a dedicated graphics card any more.

I am closely following the development and asked myself, if it is worth to replace my aging AMD A8-3850 quad core APU (2,9Ghz Llano APU with integrated HD 6550D graphics) from 2011 with a newer Ryzen 3 2200G APU. I am mostly interested in 4k resolution and video playback and more processing power for photo and video editing.

I had the chance to test out a Ryzen 3 2200G and did an unscientific test regarding the CPU part for my needs. For RAW photo processing I use mainly Rawtherapee. So I decided to run a RAW conversion of 20 Olympus 16 Megapixel ORF-files to JPEG and stop the time. Needless to say, I used the same settings and on all platforms Rawtherapee 5.4 64bit.

Here are the results:
AMD Ryzen 3 2200G, 4x 3.50GHz, Windows 10: 2:45 minutes
AMD A6-3650, 4x 2.60GHz, Windows 7: 5:55 minutes
Llano A8-3850, 4x 2.90GHz, Debian Linux Stretch: 5:32 minutes
Core i5-4460, 4×3.2GHz, Windows 10: 3:04 minutes

Of course you can argue that different OSes can also influence results. But as a first test this is a good indicator, which performance gain you can expect from a newer processor like the Ryzen 3 2200G.

Do I like the performance of Ryzen? It is certainly a big boost in performance and efficiency but on the other side I have been waiting 7 years to get a follow up with “only” double the processing power. After this long time I expected a bit more. Nevertheless Ryzen 3 2200G is a fantastic package with a very capable CPU part combined with powerful UHD graphics. Next year we will see the release of Ryzen CPUs in 7nm structure instead of 14nm as of now. I hope to see more boosts in power and efficiency and will then eventually upgrade my PC.

Google Translate:
2017年,AMD推出了令人印象深刻的Ryzen处理器系列,为CPU市场带来了一股清新的空气。经过多年的发展,AMD再次拥有与英特尔同行相匹敌甚至超越其竞争对手的竞争对手。 CPU价格下跌,我们看到英特尔和AMD之间的竞争复苏。在2018年初,他们发布了具有集成Vega图形的Ryzen APU,这是第一次真正有能力的集成显卡以1080p播放游戏。对于许多休闲游戏玩家来说,不再需要额外购买专用显卡。

我正密切关注这一发展,并问自己,是否值得用更新的Ryzen 3 2200G APU替换2011年老化的AMD A8-3850四核APU(带有集成HD 6550D显卡的2,9Ghz Llano APU)。我最感兴趣的是4k分辨率和视频播放以及更多处理能力,适用于照片和视频编辑。

我有机会测试Ryzen 3 2200G,并根据我的需要对CPU部分进行了不科学的测试。对于RAW照片处理,我主要使用 Rawtherapee 。所以我决定将20个Olympus 16百万像素ORF文件的RAW转换为JPEG并停止时间。不用说,我在所有平台上使用相同的设置Rawtherapee 5.4 64bit。

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G,4x 3.50GHz,Windows 10:2:45分钟
AMD A6-3650,4x 2.60GHz,Windows 7:5:55分钟
Llano A8-3850,4x 2.90GHz,Debian Linux Stretch:5:32分钟
Core i5-4460, 4×3.2GHz, Windows 10: 3:04分钟

当然,您可以争辩说不同的操作系统也会影响结果。但作为第一次测试,这是一个很好的指标,你可以从像Ryzen 3 2200G这样的新处理器中获得性能提升。

我喜欢Ryzen的表演吗? 这无疑是对性能和效率的巨大推动,但另一方面,我已经等待了7年,以“仅”加倍处理能力进行跟进。 经过这么长时间,我期待更多。 尽管如此,Ryzen 3 2200G是一款出色的软件包,具有非常强大的CPU部件和强大的UHD图形。 明年我们将看到Ryzen CPU在7nm结构中的发布,而不是现在的14nm。 我希望看到更多的功率和效率提升,然后最终升级我的PC。