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Gerrit Fricke
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My name is Gerrit Fricke and I have been a hobby photographer for more than 20 years. Born in 1977 I work and live in Berlin, Germany.

I have also strong relations to China hence parts of this site are translated into Chinese to allow my Chinese friends to navigate through this site.

I started this blog because I wanted to tinker with my new Raspberry Pi as my little home server and at the same time like the idea to have a self created homepage that I am in control of instead of having an account in one of the big social networks.

Expect me to write about photography and here and there about random technical stuff. This site will also host part of my image portfolio. I am not the hardware testing guy, there are countless sites with tests and howTos. I will show my photos and now and then explain a little bit the story behind it.

As a side note: I am not a native English speaker but I want to run this site in English to give you the opportunity to understand my writing. So please just overread my English mistakes. 😉


我叫Gerrit Fricke,20多年来我是一名业余爱好摄影者。我出生于1977年,在德国柏林工作和生活。


我开始这个博客是因为我想用我的新Raspberry Pi作为我的小型家庭服务器,同时想要拥有一个自我创建的主页,我可以自己控制而不是在一个大社交中拥有一个帐户网络。


另外:我不是母语为英语的人,但我在本网站想用英语,让你有机会理解我的写作。所以请忽略我的英语错误。 😉