This Website Is IPv6 Ready

What has the picture of the dog to do with this post? Nothing but to get your attention. 🙂

I just updated my site to make it more future proof. It is now IPv6 ready. Why did I do that? First I like tinkering with my computer, because it is fun and you always learn something. But here is more exact explanation why this might also be useful for you, if you posses your own web server.

IPv6 will eventually replace the recent IPv4 protocol. Both are Internet protocol versions, which provide an identification and location system for computers on networks and route traffic across the Internet (Wikipedia). To say it more simply, both protocols provide Internet addresses for Internet devices to enable them to communicate between each other.

IPv4 is running out of addresses (see also Wikipedia for further information ) because there are nowadays so many Internet devices like smartphones, servers, private home computers, smart TVs and so on. IPv6 is solving this issue and by switching to IPv6 the dream of a permanent Internet address (IP address) for each device comes true. This makes serving your own Internet services much easier like for example this little website on my own Raspberry Pi home server.

Since not every Internet provider supports IPv6 by now, my website is also IPv4 enabled. So if your Internet service provider supports just IPv4, you can still open my website. You can check your IPv4 and IPv6 status of your connection under . Unfortunately I have no official IPv4 address and my Internet provider is just natting IPv4 addresses. This is like temporarily sharing one public IPv4 address with other customers. Hence sometimes my website is not reachable over IPv4 or it takes at least some tries to open it.

ipv6 ready