Blumenberger Runde, Barnimer Feldmark im Mai u.a. mit Rapsfeldern

Photo Gallery: Fields And Meadows Of Barnimer Feldmark

Even if the landscape in May with the abundance of rape and wheat looks fresh green and yellow, the area is unfortunately more or less an ecological desert. There are hardly any wild meadows that provide food for insects and thus again food for birds. Due to the drought in recent years, pretty much all of the small pools have dried up. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful photos. With intensive agriculture we are destroying the habitat of many animals and plants, which only have a weak lobby in our society. Also our groundwater gets contaminated with chemicals like Glyphosat or liquid manure which is invisible for the eye. But politics and most people don’t care as long as they get their meat for 1,99 Euro per kilo in the supermarket and big agriculture companies can export their cheap meat to other countries with maximized profit.

即使五月有很多油菜和小麦的地貌看上去鲜绿色和黄色,但不幸的是,该地貌或多或少是一种生态沙漠。 几乎没有野生草地为昆虫提供食物,因此也为鸟类提供食物。 由于近年来的干旱,几乎所有的小水池都干了。 不要被美丽的照片所迷惑。 随着集约化农业的发展,我们正在破坏许多动植物的栖息地,而这些动植物在我们的社会体系中只有一个弱小的游说团体。 同样,我们的地下水也被草甘膦或液态肥料等化学物质所污染,这是眼睛看不到的。 但是政治和大多数人都不在乎,只要他们在超市以每公斤1.99欧元的价格购买肉类,大型农业公司便可以将其廉价肉类出口到其他国家并获得最大的利润。(Google translate)