Hobrechtsfelde, Nature Park Barnim,

Photo Gallery: Hobrechtsfelde, Barnim Nature Park

The Berlin sewage fields are areas designed by James Hobrecht at the end of the 19th century to purify Berlin wastewater. In 1985 die sewage fields around Buch and Hobrechtsfelde were shut down. A varied forest and meadow landscape has been created on these fallow land since as part of the Barnim Nature Park.

柏林污水场是 James Hobrecht 在 19 世纪末设计的用于净化柏林废水的区域。
1985 年,Buch 和 Hobrechtsfelde 周围的污水场被关闭。 作为巴尼姆自然公园的一部分,在这些休耕地上创造了各种各样的森林和草地景观。