Schorfheide, Plagefenn, Liepe, Brodowin

Photo Gallery: Schorfheide NSG Plagefenn, Rosinfenn, Krugsee

There is nothing better than a rainy day out in the woods with a camera. Plagefenn and Rosinfenn are part of the Schorfheide biosphere reserve. The area is in parts slowly turning into a primeval swamp and beech forest. It is home of the crane and sea eagle. (Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, m.Zuiko 12-40/2.8)

没有什么比带着照相机在树林里下雨天照相更好的了。 Plagefenn和Rosinfenn是Schorfheide生物圈保护区的一部分。 该地区部分地区逐渐变成原始的沼泽和山毛榉森林。 那边是起重机和海鹰的故