Barnimer Feldmark, Barnim, Blumberg, Lenné-Park Blumberg, Lenné-Park,

Weekender Photography: Lobetal And Barnimer Feldmark

November is often dark, grey and rainy. Autumn colors seem to have disappeared. But it is still worthwhile to grab the camera and spend time outside in nature as much as possible. Today in the fields of the Barnim I had an unexpected weather change, when blue sky turned into foggy and misty conditions in just a couple of minutes . This is something, you won’t see in the city or staying home.

十一月通常是黑暗、灰色和多雨的。 秋天的颜色似乎消失了。 但还是很值得带上相机,尽可能多地在大自然中度过。
今天在 Barnim 的田野里,我遇到了意想不到的天气变化,蓝天在短短几分钟内变成了有雾和薄雾的条件。 这是在城里或待在家里都看不到的东西。