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Photo Gallery: Norway Setesdalsheiene-Ryfylkeheiane, Sirdalsheiene

In September 2021 I could take 1 week off to head north to Norway to do a 6 day hike in the mountains of the Setesdalsheiene-Ryfylkeheiane. The plan was to do a round trip around Roskreppfjorden following the marked trails of the Den Norske Turistforening. Instead of staying in the mountain huts I took my own tent with me.

2021 年 9 月,我放了 1 周的假去北欧的挪威 Setesdalsheiene-Ryfylkeheiane 的山区进行 6 天的徒步旅行。 计划是沿着 Den Norske Turistforening 标记的小径绕 Roskreppfjorden 进行一次往返旅行。 我没有住在山间小屋里,而是带着自己的帐篷。